We are technology enablers. In different industries we seek to empower businesses to develop strategies of transformation with the aim to move to a data-centric business model. We are committed to being at the forefront of digital transformation both in Rwanda and beyond.


Technology has a role to play in transforming the education sector for the better. We want to facilitate learning for all. Solutions built help learning institution tackle their most significant challenges. These challenges range from allowing payment of school fees to managing the school staff.


Long are the days the imperativeness of digitizing the agriculture sector’s impact would be called in question. With the changing landscape in the sector due to factors such as climate change, advisory services, values chains management, precision agriculture, digital solutions should be put in place to ultimately help reach the goal of food security and income generation for Software Management Framework.

Our goal is to equip farmers with the right tools and the necessary data to make food production efficient.


We create solutions that make daily operations easier. Financial institutions are tasked now more than ever to deliver the most reliable, and advanced technologies to a customer base that is more and more demanding. We provide the tools needed to reinforce the vision of a cashless economy by committing to all players in the payment processing ecosystem. If your clients are in need of digital payment solutions, we are here to help you fulfill your goals..


The backbone of any economy is its ease to transform business ideas into fruitful profit generating businesses. We seek to reinforce that idea by providing SMEs with the technological support they require to move their business to new heights.