We go beyond just coding. The simple fact is that we continuously adjust our thinking, our processes to make sure our clients are satisfied with the solutions we provide. Our approach is simply adapt to the client’s necessities, limitations and challenges.

Software as a service

BK Techouse provides technology and services that enable customers to move data from batches to real-time, on-line and always available access. We provide technologically advanced web/USSD/mobile enabled solutions that are secure, scalable and cost effective.

Technology expertise:
• Java
• JavaScript
• Python
• Cross-platform apps
• DEVops
• Android

Data as a service

Nowadays every Industry is undergoing a digital transformation. With our cutting-edge technology we enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to go beyond automation of routine tasks and help our customers improving productivity, lower costs and creating new growth business opportunities..

Digital Payment services

We provide payment solutions as the intermediary between Banks, your business and your customers. Our payment accept cards, Banks’s Agencies and On-line payments available in the banks and mobile money wallets.

Internet of Things (IOT) Services

A collection of smart, connected devices or products that, when pieced together well, can yield new functionality, reliability, utilization, and capabilities that were previously not deemed possible.

BK TecHouse as a licensed Internet Service Provider also offers a series of Smart Solutions as added value products for large and medium enterprises, homes, schools, industrial factories, hospitals, parking garages, commercial buildings, construction sites and many more.

Broadband services

Powered through Fiber optic and 4G LTE Network owned and managed by KT Rwanda Network (ktRN).

With our Internet broadband, Customers are able to stream music and video, upload and download heavy files and essentially do anything on the Web using their mobile phones and tablets as fast as they wish.